Winners! Winners!

Congratulations, Imagination Studios Winners!

Their creations will become CN animations!

We are proud to announce the four winners of our Imagination Studios duo drawing competition!

Take a look!



Pete and Mac

Pete and Mac are llamas and they are the best detectives in town!  They are

known by their detective names:  Irish llama (Pete) and Scottish llama (Mac).


Fun facts:

Mac is a serious gamer.  When he plays online, his gamer name is:  Macthellama57.

He is always dressed in clothes that have a Scottish theme.

Pete always has his bubble pipe and he likes to fluff up his beard  – it helps him think.

He is a master at finding four-leaved clovers.


 Pizza Duo

The girl pizza is Liz, and the boy pizza is Joe. Liz was a new girl in high school

and she loved making friends but was always pretty shy. Joe was also a new

boy in high school who loved to have fun and go on adventures.

Fun Facts:

One beautiful afternoon, Liz was walking in the hallway and got distracted by a

sound in a nearby corner when she bumped into Joe. He too, was coming down

the hallway but his back was turned. Joe and Liz apologised to one another at the

same time, and then they began talking to each other. They quickly became friends

which made Liz so excited because she had a made her first friend in high school.

They went to each other’s birthday parties and had several fun adventures together

because they had become BEST FRIENDS!



The Doodling Duo

The doodling duo are a crime fighting team that use the power of art to take down

anything that gets in their way.

Fun Facts:

Diana is a young girl that is an amazing artist and doesn’t know what her art could

do in the world.

Dash is Diana’s brother. He has a job at an animation company and is an artist too but

his life is boring at the company.

At a funfair one day they purchase two pencils from a magic shack and go home.

As Diana begins to draw, she sees a line appear in the air. Out of curiosity, she

traces the line and realises that her new pencil could draw in the air!

Excited, she runs to tell Dash about this. Since that day, they became

crime fighters that use their skills to save their city!

Zoe - Jane

Tekna and Robo

Tekna and Robo are twins who can go into the internet when they are

connected and have awesome adventures.